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IGM Gymnastics is a world-class Artistic & Rhythmic training facility located in Burnsville, MN. The artistic program is run by Irina Kim, our owner, and supervised by Irina's sister, Nellie Kim. Nellie is a five-time Olympic Gold medalist in artistic gymnastics. IGM offers recreational and competitive Rhythmic and Artistic gymnastics classes for boys and girls of all ages, serving the communities of Burnsville, Savage, Eagan, Lakeville, Apple Valley, Prior Lake, Shakopee, Minnetonka, and all surrounding areas. The recreational program is geared toward 18 month old toddlers to teens who love to have fun and learn new skills in a safe environment. Gymnasts are invited to join IGM’s competitive team based on their skill and technique level. All programs are developed by professional coaches who strive for growth, accomplishment and most importantly the safety of all gymnasts. Throughout the year, IGM organizes exciting events and activities including Summer Camps, Winter Camps, MEA Camps, Open Gyms, Birthday Parties, competitions, sleepovers, parents' night out, and many other fun events. So Much Fun, Kids will Flip!

IGM Customer Testimonials

"We travel 45 minutes to enjoy this class. Mara makes it all worth it. We like the staff. They are all helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend this to anyone."

"GREAT preschool class We just attended the free trial class for 3-4 year olds. The coach (Brittney) was fantastic, full of energy and engaging the kids the whole time. My 4 year old had a fantastic time and participated the entire time, then begged us to sign her up for the weekly class (we did). They also have an open gym on Fridays that is a lot of fun."

"Strong program with coaches who care"

"The kids have not stopped talking about how much fun they had at your facility! Thank you so much for opening it up to us through HopeKids.
God bless,
Jenny, Jazzy, Jordan, & Joelle"

"You all are so very wonderful! Thank you very muchn for having us once again for open gymnastics. The kids absolutely love using your awesome facility, and their parents love seeing their kids be able to play & move. We are so grateful. Thanks for offering hope!
Michelle Cassens, former program director"

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Our three boys had a fantastic time running, jumping, climbing and sliding today. We really appreciate your time and facility.
Thank you again-
Blessings from the Schmaltz family"

My son loves gymnastics and the IGM staff is great :) - Crystal

I love IGM because they offer affordable and fun birthday parties and my daughter always has a great time!! - Pennie

I love IGM because they are with in my price range, the gym is FILLED with friendly staff, and they are really supportive when it comes to learning new gym moves.. (: - Brandi

I love IGM because my kids have so much fun there! I know they are safe & are learning so much and developing their large muscles and it is never ever boring!!! - Tracy

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Motivating Kids

When teaching kids, finding ways to motivate them can be very challenging especially when you have such a diverse group of youngsters.  Positive reinforcement works best, but there are times when the kids just don't seem to care.  Giving them free time if they behave well & finish their conditioning early (but still done well),  play a game at the end of practice, or even a special treat for getting new skills.  Of course, they all want to compete well and learn their routines and new skills, but sometimes they all need that extra push.

What other tactics do you use on motivating gymnasts?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Olympics on the Horizon

With the Olympics on the horizon, little kids everywhere are about to ask their moms and dads to join their local gymnastics gym.  This will be a great time for kids to discover a sport that could shape their young lives.  Kids will build friendships, gain self-esteem, and self-confidence just by being in the gym as little as one hour a week. 

London 2012 is quickly approaching and the Opening ceremony is in only 5 and a half months.  The gymnastics portion starts July 28th and go through August 7th.  Gymnastics is one of the most watched sports in the Olympics and usually the most talked about.  IGM Gymnastics will be here blogging about it throughout the Olympic Games.

We cannot wait for it to get started!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rhythmic Gymnastics London 2012

Rhythmic Gymnastics in Olympic Headlines

Good luck to Britain's Rhythmic Team on being entered into the 2012 Olympic Games.  We support you!

Keeping Kids Fit at Home

Getting kids to be active and get healthy is tough - especially in the winter. IGM encourages kids to be active for 60 minutes a day.
Here are some at home activities that are also F-U-N!
  • Turn on the music
    • Turn on your kids favorite music and start dancing.  This is a great workout for kids and adults.  You and your kids will have a blast while staying fit.
  • Hula Hooping Fun
    • Hula Hoop, Jump Rope, Hop on 1 foot...Fun contests to have that will keep them moving.
  • Chores!
    • Helping out around the house could mean vacuuming, dusting, picking up toys, or cleaning the windows.  Doing a few of these can count as being active!!
  • Excersizing Video Games
    • These can be GREAT workouts for kids and adults.  They will keep them moving, get their heart rate up, and they will be having too much fun to realize what a great workout they are getting.  

Getting into IGM for Open Gym or one of our many gymnastics classes is another awesome and fun way to keep kids healthy.  

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